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Mock revision Travel & Tourism

Hi folks. As part of your mocks revision, there are some really important keywords that you could do with revising/defining. Try looking up the following terms:

  • Sustainable, heritage and ecotourism
  • Outbound & inbound tourism
  • GDP, revenue and expenditure
  • Public, private, package & voluntary organisations



Mr B

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Work for CN (Year 10)

Hi there – what I’d like you to do is to read up on two different flooding case studies, one for an MEDC and one for an LEDC. The MEDC case study is Boscastle, and you can read about it here.
The LEDC case study is Bangladesh and a good page on it is found here.

I’d like you to create a case study set of notes for each one; they need to cover causes (physical and human), effects (on people, the environment & economy) and responses (short and long term).

It would be a good idea to review a few good Youtube videos on these floods as well – there are loads out there.

Any problems, drop me an email at


Mr B

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Improvement & Reflection time

Hi folks – during DIRT (dedicated improvement & reflection time) these are the activities you should be working on (using a green pen):

Learning objectives – Review last improvement target; Demonstrate and evaluate progress towards this.

  1. Presentation improvement – ensure all work is titled, dated, underlined, diagrams are properly drawn, shaded & labelled, subtitles are used to introduce work,
  2. Work completion – tasks that are not quite finished need to be completed and extended where possible.
  3. Literacy correction – correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors highlighted by your teachers using dictionaries/thesaurus.
  4. Responding to feedback – answer questions posed by your teachers in your feedback, ask your teacher a question, review why you are learning well (or not!)
  5. Progress demonstration – look back at your last target(s); use a highlighter to show where you have met this target; write a few sentences to explain why you have or have not met this target.
  6. Extension work – see your teacher for extension work during DIRT time
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Y12 Geography Hazard patterns work

Hi there year 12. Your task over the next couple of lessons is to produce a report to provide a rationale for the hazard trends seen in the accompanying powerpoint slides. Your report should be two pages long (not including images/graphs) and include:-

  • Descriptions of the hazard trends you can identify from the graphs
  • Detailed reasoning to explain these hazard trends
  • Examples of global cases to bring your reasons to life

As always, email me if you need a hand – please hand in on the 13th of October in the lesson. Thanks!

Click here for slides

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Y11 Geography Controlled Assessment checklist


  • State the aims and hypotheses of the work
  • State whether you think the hypotheses are true or false
  • Locate your study area – maps at different scales
  • Show how the land is used and explain the importance of these uses
  • Justify the use of Hengistbury Head as a study area – why is it good?
  • Explain hard and soft engineering techniques – advantages and disadvantages
  • What have they used at Hengistbury Head and why?
  • How does longshore drift work and why is it relevant?
  • How do waves and sub-aerial weathering processes wear away at the coastline?


  • Primary methodology grid:
    • What you need to know and why
    • Method and equipment used
    • Justification of method
    • Problems encountered
    • How problems were overcome
  • Secondary methodology – information from other sources
  • Maps, diagrams and images to show where you collected data from
  • Diagrams or photos to show how you collected the data – the methods you used

Data Presentation

  • 4 Field sketches – titled, labelled, scaled
  • 3 Hypotheses graphs
  • Annotated photos of study area
  • Neat copies of data collection tables
  • Annotations to explain what evidence these show for the need for management
  • Annotations to explain what evidence these show for the success of management
  • For top grades: Locate your graphs using google maps & historical maps to show how the area has changed
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