Summer is nearly here!

Summer is nearly here and the time is approaching for us to think about keeping cool and comfortable. In order to help students and parents we would like to clarify the situation regarding summer uniform this year at the college by communicating the following points:

  1. Summer uniform should only be worn after May half term, as stated in the student planner.
  2. The decision to discontinue polo shorts as summer uniform was communicated to our uniform supplier last year, but over recent days we have become aware of some miscommunication over this issue. As a response to this, we have decided to let students wear polo shirts if they have them for term 6 this year – they must be the school issue ones.

During hot weather, students can remove blazers and wear short sleeved shirts, and in very hot conditions ties can also be removed – jumpers are always optional as long as a blazer is brought to school. In the event of hot weather prior to term 6, all staff will advise students about removing blazers and ties as appropriate.

Peter Almgill

Business Manager

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