Let’s Talk Turkey!

Let’s talk Turkey!

Let’s talk turkey, no pun intended! The lead up to Christmas is always fraught with decisions to be made and people to feed. We feel it more than most here in Kitchen HQ at CCC. We order in from our butchers over 90kg of turkey and de bone these hours before serving them. The oven time require for this amount of 10kg turkey is about 7-10 hours on a slow roast at 140-160 degrees. The reason for slow roasting our turkeys is it keeps the meat tender and does not allow the breakdown of proteins just the fats in the turkey.

At home, all you have to do is very simply, buy yourself a nice fresh turkey and brush with seasoned butter (butter with a pinch of salt, pepper and any herbs you have hanging around the kitchen) and pop in the oven at 140-160 degrees (Yes, it is THAT simple!). Go out for a walk or a game of football, work up an appetite and come back and check on it every hour or so until golden brown on the top and the juices are running clear.

This is the most important bit….

We need to let the turkey rest…..for about 30minutes or so……take it out of the oven and let it sit on the side for this period. The bones in the turkey have now been charged with heat and will continue to distribute that heat to the turkey over the next 30mins so it will continue to cook or ‘hold’ but what this also does is just lets the meat relax without the pressure of being heated up giving you a better turkey experience.

And…..what’s more this is the same principle for pretty much any type of roasted whole bird or joint…

Happy Cooking!

Peter Almgill

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