Improvement & Reflection time

Hi folks – during DIRT (dedicated improvement & reflection time) these are the activities you should be working on (using a green pen):

Learning objectives – Review last improvement target; Demonstrate and evaluate progress towards this.

  1. Presentation improvement – ensure all work is titled, dated, underlined, diagrams are properly drawn, shaded & labelled, subtitles are used to introduce work,
  2. Work completion – tasks that are not quite finished need to be completed and extended where possible.
  3. Literacy correction – correct spelling, grammar and punctuation errors highlighted by your teachers using dictionaries/thesaurus.
  4. Responding to feedback – answer questions posed by your teachers in your feedback, ask your teacher a question, review why you are learning well (or not!)
  5. Progress demonstration – look back at your last target(s); use a highlighter to show where you have met this target; write a few sentences to explain why you have or have not met this target.
  6. Extension work – see your teacher for extension work during DIRT time

Mr E Brodhurst

Assistant Head

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