ARTArt forms an essential and successful part of the curriculum at Carterton Community College and is taught in positive and enjoyable lessons in Years 7 to 13 for all students. We try to create a caring and supportive environment for our students to gain skills and grow both culturally and artistically. We encourage our students to take ownership of their work and learn to take pride in every piece of work they produce on both an individual level and as part of a team in group based projects. Regular homework in Art should be an hour a fortnight at Key Stage 3 and a minimum of 1 hour a week at Key Stage 4. Key Stage 5 homework consists of independent learning outside of the classroom. This could be up to 9 hours a fortnight in addition to lesson time.

Teaching Staff
Mrs M Bilton Head of Art, Design & Technology Faculty
Miss G Storrie Teacher
KS3 Curriculum

In Year 7 the curriculum offered is centred around providing all students with a solid foundation in basic and introductory art skills, techniques and processes. This includes drawing techniques, watercolour techniques ceramic processes and creativity of ideas and development, looking at themes such as, clay animals, world cultures and patterns in nature. In Year 8 we strive to develop our learners and their skills, giving them the ability to select the appropriate tools for the tasks at hand and to develop the skills they have already learnt. They work on the themes of Pop Art, Buildings, Landscapes and Cultural Masks. By Year 9 we hope to have confident learners who will succeed at the challenging Key Stage 4 programme we offer. They work on the themes of Franz Marc, Natural Forms, Movement, The Human Figure, Surrealism and a mini mock exam which builds confidence and understanding for the entry to Key Stage 4.

KS4 Qualifications

Our Key Stage 4 programmes consist GCSE Fine Art, GCSE Photography and BTEC Art and Design. These are over two years and can be taken in either Year 10 or 11. Each qualification is broken up into 3 units: the first unit is the course work project; the second is a controlled coursework; the third is an externally set theme where the students have a set amount of preparation time and a 10-hour practical exam. In order to give much more choice to the students and create greater independent learning, a variety of themes can be explored. For example, GCSE Fine Art looks at Portraits, Natural Forms, Red, Fears and Phobias, Camouflage and Travel. This course provides students with confidence in drawing and painting and many varieties of techniques and processes in fine art.

KS5 Qualifications

We have introduced an ‘A’ level in Fine Art which is taught during 360 guided-learning hours. Students must understand that additional hours will also be needed during their private study which will include period 6 and independent study in Art room 2. Next year, we intend to introduce ‘A’ level Photography.

SMSC / Enrichment

Students aspiring to courses in Fashion, Graphic Design, Photography and Fine Art Courses at Activ8 College in Oxford. Students have also gone on to degrees in Bournemouth, Swansea, Gloucester, Southampton and many more Art Establishments. We hope that our students have a safe and enjoyable experience throughout our delivery of the Art Curriculum and we teach them to grow in confidence and appreciation in the understanding and application of the world of Art and the creative industries. Students leave successfully with a great work ethic and a lovely set of portfolio work. We have had 80-95% A*- C pass rate consistently for the last 5 years.

Art homework