Assessment Criteria

Key Stage 3

In line with Department for Education recommendations our new Key Stage 3 assessment framework no longer recognises National Curriculum levels but instead aims to highlight when our students have met the required attainment standard for that year.

At 3 points throughout the year staff will assess the attainment of all Key Stage 3 students in all subjects.

The common framework for all subjects can be seen below:-

Expected Attainment
Year Group Emerging Confident Advanced Mastery

These cells are populated with specific bullet points for each subject area.

The following links will allow you to see the assessment criteria for each subject following an assessment point. This will help parents and students to identify the success criteria needed to be demonstrated in order to move to the next standard.

Using Department for Education programmes of study and Schemes of work our Faculties have identified the expected criteria that each student should meet by the end of each year of study at key stage 3. This can be found in the confident section. (expected attainment)

Some of our students will progress beyond this standard of ‘Expected Attainment’ and move into ‘Advanced’ and even ‘Mastery’ as the year moves on.

As a school we would expect the vast majority of students to be awarded the ‘emerging’ standard towards the start of the year because they of course at the beginning of that year’s programme of study.

At the start of each year the assessment process will start again and students will predominantly be awarded the ‘emerging’ standard. Of course the assessment criteria for each year will become progressively more challenging.

Effort grade framework


All key stage 3 targets will be based on students’ end of GCSE targets which are identified using Cognitive Ability Tests (CATS) and/or Fischer Family Trust data. Targets will either be ‘Confident’, ‘Advanced’ or ‘Mastery’. At the end of each year individual student targets will be reviewed based on their progress within the year.

KS3 Art Assessment Criteria12.3 KiB
Ks3-7-drama-assessment-criteria37.0 KiB
Ks3-7-science-assessment-criteria57.2 KiB
Ks3-8-drama-assessment-criteria36.5 KiB
Ks3-8-science-assessment-criteria42.9 KiB
Ks3-9-drama-assessment-criteria38.0 KiB
Ks3-9-science-assessment-criteria19.5 KiB
Ks3-all-computing-assessment-criteria84.9 KiB
Ks3-all-dt-assessment-criteria162.5 KiB
Ks3-all-english-reading-assessment-criteria13.3 KiB
Ks3-all-english-writing-assessment-criteria13.5 KiB
Ks3-all-geography-assessment-criteria15.0 KiB
Ks3-all-history-assessment-criteria14.3 KiB
Ks3-all-mathematics-assessment-criteria97.6 KiB
Ks3-all-mfl-assessment-criteria17.6 KiB
Ks3-all-music-assessment-criteria14.4 KiB
Ks3-all-pe-assessment-criteria35.4 KiB
Ks3-all-re-assessment-criteria14.6 KiB