sociologySociology is the study of people and the way we live. Everyone is part of society; it has helped shape who you are and your experiences in life. We are part of the same society yet we each experience life differently. Why?

Social issues affect us all. High crime rates in inner cities, boys’ underachievement in school, effects of changes in family structures on children, racism, binge drinking, GCSE league tables….all of these are shown regularly in the news. Our personal experience and that of our friends and families affect our views and opinions on these topics and there are many conflicts of ideas.

Sociologists aim to research and understand the world a little better. They study social issues and structures and suggest policies to reduce the issues. Sociological research is challenging and controversial but can also be fascinating and rewarding. Sociology is current and relevant to our everyday lives; constantly changing as society evolves.

Sociology students are valued in a wide range of careers including: media research, law, police, journalism, teaching, social and welfare work, personnel work, business analysts, civil service and local government research and policy making, advertising, nursing, medicine and market research.

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