Computing forms an essential part of the curriculum at Carterton Community College. It is taught in discrete lessons in Years 7 to 9 for all students and as a GCSE option for years 10 and 11. A-Level Computer Science is available as an option for students who excel at GCSE.

Teaching Staff

Miss E Powley Teacher
Mr A Scully Second in Faculty, Mathematics & Computing Faculty
Mr A Surrall Teacher, Head of Mathematics and Computing Faculty

KS3 Curriculum

In Years 7 to 9 the curriculum offer is centred around providing all students with a solid foundation in Computer Science and digital literacy through the delivery of units based on key software packages such as desktop publishing, presentation, spreadsheets and databases. We also strive to develop our learners as discerning users of ICT, giving them the ability to select the appropriate tools for the tasks at hand and to also identify bias and inaccuracy in information they research, making them effective users of the internet. Threading through these units the important issue of e-safety is highlighted so that all our learners are aware of how to stay safe online.

Year 7 units

  • E-safety
  • History of computers
  • Building a computer
  • Game design
  • Problem solving
  • Text based programming

Year 8 units

  • Algorithms
  • Creating an app
  • Electricity and information
  • Modelling
  • Networking
  • Python
  • Web design

Year 9 units

  • Creative media
  • Python adventure
  • Computers in business
  • JavaScript
  • Robotics
  • Sound

More detail about the content of these units can be found here

KS4 Qualifications

In Years 10 and 11 students have the option to study Computing at GCSE level where they build on the problem solving and programming skills they have developed in KS3. Students complete OCR GCSE Computer Science (more information avaliable here) which is a traditional, academic GCSE graded from 1-9.

KS5 Qualifications

In Years 12 and 13 students can choose to take A-Level Computer Science (more information avaliable here). Students follow the OCR A-level Computer Science specification achieving an AS level at the end of Year 12 and a full A-level at the end of Year 13.


The department runs a number of clubs throughout the year. At the moment students are enrolling on the Cyber Discovery course ( learning about cyber security, hacking, encryption and programming.

Student Resources

All the electronic resources used in the department are available online here, some require you to sign in with your CCC Google account.