Mathematics forms an essential part of the curriculum at Carterton Community College and is taught in 8 fortnightly lessons for key stage 3 and 7 for key stage 4, by a team of 6 specialist Mathematics teachers. Lessons take place in one of the 6 dedicated Mathematics classrooms in the newly built department block. All classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards.

The Mathematics Department aims to encourage all learners to enjoy Mathematics and motivate them to extend their understanding, develop mental skills applicable to real life situations, develop problem solving skills, and help learners to hypothesise, calculate and communicate their solutions in a variety of forms.

Teaching Staff

Mr R Bailey Teacher
Mrs S James Teacher
Ms L Lansley Teacher
Miss E Powley Teacher
Mr A Scully Second in Faculty, Mathematics & Computing Faculty

KS3 Curriculum

In Years 7, 8 and 9 lessons follow the Key Stage 3 Mathematics framework covering work in 6 areas of Mathematics: Number and the Numbering system; Algebra; Handling Data; Shape, Space and Measures; Calculating; Using and Applying. Learners experience a wide variety of activities throughout each term and they are assessed using APP success criteria on a day to day basis, by using bi-termly assessments and through the use of Rich Tasks. This ongoing individual assessment then aids the planning of future schemes of work.

KS4 Qualifications

In Years 10 and 11 Learners follow the Edexcel linear GCSE course, and much like Key Stage 3, learners in Years 10 and 11 experience a variety of lesson activities and detailed personalised assessment.

Our more able key stage 4 Mathematicians are advised about the opportunity and advantages of going on to study AS/A2 Mathematics and the course is offered by the Department.

KS5 Qualifications

Our Year 12 and Year 13 learners are now able to follow the new Edexcel A level Mathematics course. Students study a range of Pure, Statistics and Mechanics topics before completing two exams at the end of Year 13.


The Mathematics department runs a number of enrichment activities throughout the year, currently running are:

Student Resources

Mathematics homework