_DSC0967Science is Important and at Carterton Community College Science Faculty we have a strong focus on scientific enquiry at every stage of the curriculum. We believe that practical work should be at the heart of learning and that we provide every opportunity for our students to understand the scientific method and to engage in a range of scientific investigation.

An understanding of science leads to a better understanding of the world around us. By encouraging the natural curiosity of our students and building their scientific understanding and skills, we will better prepare our students for life and develop the scientists of the future.

The Faculty is staffed with excellent teachers who are supported by experienced technicians and well-resourced laboratories.

This is an exciting time for the Science Faculty with the launch of our Post 16 Curriculum. We now offer a range of A’level and Vocational courses to suit the needs of individual learners.

Teaching Staff
Mr J Buchanan Teacher
Mrs T Evans Teacher, Head of Science Faculty
Mrs H George Teacher
Mr Neil Taylor Assistant Headteacher, Head of Post 16
KS3 Curriculum

Key Stage 3 Science is all about engaging minds through How Science Works.  Scientific enquiry is applied throughout topics to imbed key skills and knowledge and to promote interest and enjoyment. Each unit or module of work includes practical investigations and assessments to give information about the progress of each student. The approach is hands-on and builds on everyday science and experiences.

We regularly support our Science Curriculum with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) lessons to further improve students’ investigative skills and to nurture communication and collaborative work each with the basis of being a good scientist.

Year 7 Year 8
Being a good scientist Atoms, elements and the periodic table
Cells Earth and atmosphere
Solutions Electricity and magnetism
Energy Forces
Food and digestion Marvellous metals
Matter Photosynthesis
Pressure Respiration
Reproduction The skeleton
Space Waves
KS4 Qualifications

Our Key Stage 4 curriculum follows the Edexcel syllabus and offers students two learning pathways of either Combined Science or Triple Science.

Combined science is a two year GCSE that covers a mixture of Biology, Chemistry and Physics worth 2x GCSE which are examined at the end of year 11.

Triple Science is a three year GCSE aimed at higher ability students and those who show a natural aptitude and flair for science. Biology, Chemistry and Physics are studied separately as stand-alone GCSEs with each subject being worth 1x GCSE (3xGCSE in total)

  • Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in biology,
  • Topic 2 – Cells and control,
  • Topic 3 – Genetics,
  • Topic 4 – Natural selection and genetic modification,
  • Topic 5 – Ecosystems and material cycles
  • Topic 6 – Plant structures and their functions,
  • Topic 7 – Animal coordination, control and homeostasis,
  • Topic 8 – Exchange and transport in animals,
  • Topic 9 – Health, disease and the development of medicines
  • Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in physics
  • Topic 2 – Waves,
  • Topic 3 – Light and the electromagnetic spectrum,
  • Topic 4 – Particle model 1,
  • Topic 5 – Radioactivity,
  • Topic 6 – Astronomy
  • Topic 7 – Energy – Forces doing work,
  • Topic 8 – Forces and their effects,
  • Topic 9 – Electricity and circuits,
  • Topic 11 – Magnetism and the motor effect,
  • Topic 13 – Particle model 2,
  • Topic 14 – Forces and matter
  • Topic 0 – Formulae, equations and hazards
  • Topic 1 – Overarching concepts in chemistry
  • Topic 2 – States of matter
  • Topic 3 – Methods of separating and purifying substances
  • Topic 4 – Acids
  • Topic 5 – Obtaining and using metals
  • Topic 6 – Electrolytic processes
  • Topic 7 – Reversible reactions and equilibria
  • Topic 12 – Groups 1, 7 and 0
  • Topic 13 – Rates of reaction
  • Topic 14 – Fuels
  • Topic 15 – Heat energy changes in chemical reactions
  • Topic 16 – Earth and atmospheric science
  • Topic 17 – Qualitative analysis
  • Topic 18 – Hydrocarbons
  • Topic 19 – Polymers
  • Topic 20 – Alcohols and carboxylic acids
  • Topic 21 – Bulk and surface properties of matter including nanoparticles


KS5 Qualifications

We offer a good range of scientific courses at Key Stage 5 including:

A’level Biology

A’level Chemistry

A’level Physics

A’level Psychology

L3 BTEC Applied Science

Please follow the links to the 6th form prospectus for more details

SMSC / Enrichment

Naturally our subject blends itself nicely to all aspects of SMSC and we pride ourselves on ensuring students have a cultural, moral and social understanding of the community they live in and the ones around them and further afield. Trips, competitions and workshops are built into our department calendar and we aim to ensure that all students have visited the theatre or a place of literary interest before they finish their education at Carterton Community College throughout one year.

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