High Standards, High Aspirations 


Ambition and Resilience

High levels of commitment to creating a school where aspiration and ambition thrive.

We aim to be the best we can be. We will support each individual to aspire to academic success because it opens opportunities for the future. Alongside this we will seek out, and encourage, pupils to take opportunities to develop their understanding of themselves so that they can take their place in their diverse, changing, and interconnected world with confidence.

Responsibility and Independence

High levels of commitment to providing the best quality of education through which pupils achieve well.

The giving and receiving of education is a precious gift. We, therefore, commit to high standards of teaching and encourage pupils to take responsibility for their learning and attendance. We expect students to be self-disciplined and display high standards of uniform and responsible behavior.

Kindness and Respect

High levels of commitment to supporting, respecting, and valuing individuals.

This value underpins all our actions and beliefs in ensuring that all students can learn and flourish, confident that they can grow to understand themselves and respect one another, without prejudice.