Social, Moral, Spiritual, and Cultural Education alongside Fundamental British Values are delivered through the curriculum in content included in subject schemes of learning and discretely during tutor time activities and assemblies.

At both KS3 and Yr10 Religious Education is delivered through weekly lessons in Religious Studies. Yr11 have completed their GCSE RE in Yr10 cover RE within the PSHE programme.

Sex and relationships education and other aspects of Personal, Social, and Health Education (PSHE) are taught PSHE, including drugs, alcohol, and sex education, in weekly timetabled sessions. There is a PSHE policy.

Students in all year groups, excluding Sixth Form, receive a minimum of 2 hours of sport in lessons a week.

CEIAG is delivered through the curriculum, both in the content included in subject schemes of work, through tutor time activity and through other planned learning opportunities throughout the school year. There is a CEIAG policy.