Our College has a well-deserved reputation for our pastoral care – the needs of our students as young people and individuals in their own rights are a cornerstone of our work as we believe that happy, successful children will become confident and independent learners. All our students are placed in a tutor group in the immediate care of their tutor. The tutor is a key figure in their wellbeing and is the initial contact for advice and guidance for both students and parents alike. In addition to monitoring the personal development of each student, the tutor also monitors and supports students in maximising their potential.  Please find below comments from a Year 7 parent whose child joined Carterton Community College in July 2021:

“The effort and passion that we received from you all initially was incredibly promising and its worth noting that you’ve far exceeded any expectation we had. She’s like a different child and if I can be so bold to say; this is largely down to how Carterton Community College have dealt with a very specific set of challenges.  In short I’m thoroughly impressed and truly astounded at the progress already.   I’m truly grateful so thank you”.

All students, staff and governors are in one of the following four Houses. All are depicted on the College Crest:

  • Phoenix / Red
  • Pegasus / Yellow
  • Wyvern / Green
  • Griffin / Blue

These are the original House names used by Carterton Community College. Each House is led and managed by a House Leader who works to ensure a quality experience for students in their House. They also manage the pastoral procedures across the house as well as organising enrichment activities. Parents are always welcome to discuss with us any aspect of our work and address any difficulties or concerns they might have about their child’s school experience.

The College Crest

Each House has four Tutor Groups in Years 7 – 11.  Tutor Groups are carefully constructed and Form Tutors are the first point of contact for parents.  We have dedicated Year 7 and Year 11 Form Tutors who have experience of transition into our school, and in supporting students through their final year at school and transition to Sixth Form, college or apprenticeships.  In Key Stage 3 students will have most of their lessons in their Tutor Groups with some exceptions (e.g. in Mathematics where they are setted, and some practical subjects where smaller groups are required).  At Key Stage 4, students will be taught in groups according to their GCSE options.
Our Sixth Form Team are experienced in supporting students through their studies at Sixth Form, and their applications to University, further education and apprenticeships.
All students register every morning and afternoon with their Form Tutors.  Tutors are responsible for supporting students in attendance, punctuality and the high standards of behaviour and engagement, uniform and equipment.  Tutors also lead the delivery of elements of the Culture, Citizenship, Careers and Personal Development programme during the daily Tutor Period in the middle of the day.

We are committed to high standards in College life. In order to achieve these, it is vital that all members of our College community understand our positive approach to behaviour. We have set down clear expectations with regards to behaviour to create a creative and stimulating learning environment for our students. The support of our parents in maintaining high standards and expectations is vital in this aspect of our work as is your commitment to positively supporting the behaviour expectations of the College. As staff, we believe that the most effective way to maintain high standards of behaviour is through:

  • Good quality teaching
  • Effective learning
  • The development of positive student/teacher relationships that will lead to a culture of success
  • Positive school/home relationships

Please find below a link to our behaviour policy 

Our uniform, designed by our students, also plays an important part in school life as it provides for our young people a sense of equality, fosters pride in our school identity and develops their sense of belonging to our community. As with behaviour we expect and are grateful for the support of our parents in ensuring our standards of uniform are reinforced with our students.