Exam and Assessment Results

GCSE Results202020192018
Achieving 9-4 in English & Maths60%56%38%
Achieving 9-5 in English & Maths40%33%19%
Achieving 9-4 in English68%72%51%
Achieving 9-4 in Maths65%63%47%
Total Grades 9-722%12%8%
Progress 8+0.26+0.04-0.54
Attainment 8 (average)4.534.333.54
Number of Students10110596

A Level and Post-16 Results

A-level and Post-16 Results 2020

We are delighted and proud of our youngsters’ achievements this year in what has been a challenging and anxious period for young people.

Our 2020 results are testament to the dedication of teachers and students to pursuing the best outcomes possible, despite lockdown arrangements, and are represented in our headline figures showing improved outcomes against 2019 data.

Number of Students202223
Comparative Post-16 Performance (2019/2020)

All of our youngsters who have applied to University have been awarded their first choice of destination having met, in some cases, stringent entry requirements for degrees such as Criminology and Forensic Psychology, Biomedical Science and Education. Destinations for students who achieved three or more A*/A grades include Physics at Bath University, and Education and Psychology at York. Furthermore a number of youngsters have achieved higher than expected grades which opens up a wider range of opportunities for them, and which will transform their futures.