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Dear Parents, Carers and Students

We are very much looking forward to welcoming our new and existing students to school this term.

All information has been sent to you via Parent Hub about school opening. New arrangements will be explained to students during their Form Tutor start-up sessions on Thursday and Friday, and they will be supported by staff in adhering to the COVID-19 expectations in order to reduce the risks of virus transmission whilst in school.

In school Lateral Flow Testing (LFT) continues and we are well on track to introduce home testing for students. There will be more on this via ParentHub soon.

School will feel very different for us all this term. Students will largely be in year group ‘bubbles’, safely moving only for teaching in specialist rooms and at staggered break and lunchtimes. Maintaining these bubbles, regular handwashing and good hygiene are essential and will be regularly reinforced with students.

A reminder that the starts and end of days will be different this term. On arrival, students will go immediately to their first lesson at 8:30am, which means being on time is really important. Departure for students is at 2:35pm to allow for additional end of day cleaning and preparation.

Thank you for all your support during the lockdown period and we look forward to working together to make a success of the ‘new normal’ during the next months.

Mr C. Hart


COVID Absence Guide for Parents
Covid-19 related pupil absence. Please find below link to a reference guide for parents containing COVID absence advice and a “what to do if…” guide.

Any further queries please contact the School Reception.


Covid-19 Absence Guide for Parents 103.22 KB 10 downloads

Covid-19 Absence Guide for Parents ...
It’s not always easy to know what’s safe online and what’s not. The links below can help you to keep safe and to know what to do when things go wrong.
Thinkuknow? is the education programme from NCA-CEOP, a UK organisation which protects children both online and offline. Explore one of the six Thinkuknow websites for advice about staying safe when you’re on a phone, tablet or computer.
It’s not always easy to know what’s safe online and what’s not. Childline’s can help you to keep safe and to know what to do when things go wrong.
Internet Matters
Internet MattersTo help families adjusting to a “new normal” following the measures taken to stop the spread of coronavirus, we’ve created this dedicated space to provide expert advice, resources and tools to make the best use of tech.
Urgent Concern about a child
If you have an urgent concern for a child call 999.
Let School Know
Call a Designated Safeguarding Lead at school: 01993 841611. If our reception is unmanned during staffing shortages call our out of hours number: 01993 867299
Contact MASH
The Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) has been set up to enable the sharing of information between services so risks to children can be identified at an early stage. If you are a member of the public with a concern for a child please call 0345 050 7666

Please find below a link to the Remote Learning Guide.


Remote Learning Guidance 132.74 KB 10 downloads

Remote Learning Guidance ...

The primary tool the school will be using to continue education off-site is google classroom. Many teachers and students at school have significant experience of using this already.

How will work be organised?
The school has created a series of online learning spaces, called google classrooms (GCs). Each year group and subject has their own GC, for example Year 7 French, Year 9 Maths, Year 10 Geography or Year 11 Media Studies. Each GC will also be allocated one or more specialist teachers – usually your son/daughter’s normal class teacher. There will not be one GC for each school-based class; as each class is taught the same content, it is much simpler to group them online into one space per subject and year group.

How much work will be set?
Each GC will have work equivalent to a fortnight set for all students in the first instance; if students are off for longer, more work will be set. This work will be timed to appear to students at the start of their time away from school, and have a two week deadline set. Attached to the recent letter, in Appendix 1, is a learning timetable that should guide students as to when they should be completing their work; for example, Year 8 students should be accessing and working on their maths tasks from the Y8 Maths Google Classroom on Tuesday morning. This guide is to help parents support students with
their learning; they should only be working on a maximum of two subjects per day.

What kind of work will be set?
The same files that teachers use to teach normally – primarily google slides, documents and sheets –
can be communicated to students so that they can view the instruction files; files that students need to complete are sent as an individual named copy for each student so they can hand their own work in. The GCs have the ability to allocate different tasks to different students so work of an appropriate level can be directed at an individual level.

How can students get help with their work?
Each GC has what is termed a “stream” which is in essence a message board, which is live. Students can ask questions or post comments, to which the teacher can respond in real time. As all students in the GC can see all the comments and posts, they can also get help from other students’ questions and responses.

How will work be marked?
As students send work in via the GC, this work will be fed back on by the teachers using the dedicated feedback tool embedded within google classroom. This can include marks, grades and personal comments, and all this is private to the individual (and any invited guardians – see below). It is also live, appearing immediately as soon as the teacher sends it.

How can students access the work?
Google Classroom can be accessed at classroom.google.com, where students will need to sign in with their school google account and click the plus sign on the top right of the screen, selecting “join class” and entering the appropriate class code from table 1 (at the end of this letter). All students were reminded of their google account details in tutor time recently, but an example username for a year 7 student named Alfred Jones would be S19AJon@carterton.oxon.sch.uk (S followed by 19 (year of joining the college) followed by initial of first name followed by first three letters of surname, all followed by @carterton.oxon.sch.uk. Year 8 prefixes are S18, Year 9 prefixes are S17; Year 11 prefixes are S15. Year 10 usernames are slightly different, in the following format – S16JonesA@carterton.oxon.sch.uk (full surname followed by first initial). Passwords are only known to students; they can be reset by trying the “forgotten password” link on the sign in page, or if this doesn’t work, see the help section below.

What about homework?
As students will be working from home, there will be no normal homework set by teachers for those students who are not in school. There may be homework set on ShowmyHomework for those students who are not at home and for whom school continues as normal. (https://www.satchelone.com/login?subdomain=carterton)

What about students without computer access?
Printed packs of work will be made available for all students who need them, to be picked up from school.

Who can I contact to get help if I need it?
For help with google classroom generally – Mr. Brodhurst, Assistant Head
For help with the individual work – please ask your son/daughter to post a message on the GC stream

Should you feel that your family needs additional support during these challenging times, please contact the school. All pupils, as is normal practice, can be supported by their Form Tutor, Head of House, and staff in our Student Services Department.

Please use the “contact us” web form, filling in the name of your son/daughter’s tutor or other member of staff at http://www.cartertoncc.oxon.sch.uk/contactus/contact-college-staff/

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It's been a very successful start and it's great to see students back, engaged with their learning. Please remember to let us know if you are self isolating or have had a positive test result. Thanks to all parents for being so supportive in helping us keep our school COVID safe.

After the scaremongering in the media I couldn't be prouder of my son & his A-level results. He worked hard and got the grades he deserved - A*, A, B and Merit Btec. Thank you @CartertonCC staff for everything - not just the teaching but the nurturing too #alevels2020 #ResultsDay Retweeted by Carterton CC

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Have a wonderful, safe and relaxing summer one and all - we look forward to welcoming everyone back in September. Thanks to all students, parents and staff for their support and hard work in the recent difficult times.

Freddie has had an awesome day @CartertonCC thank you for such a great opportunity. Retweeted by Carterton CC

test Twitter Media - RT @TonSum45: Freddie has had an awesome day @CartertonCC thank you for such a great opportunity. https://t.co/guvttuPQwP
test Twitter Media - RT @TonSum45: Freddie has had an awesome day @CartertonCC thank you for such a great opportunity. https://t.co/guvttuPQwP
test Twitter Media - RT @TonSum45: Freddie has had an awesome day @CartertonCC thank you for such a great opportunity. https://t.co/guvttuPQwP

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    All students will feel safe and secure, supported and able to achieve their personal best in everything they do.

    1. A values-led curriculum, supported by high standards of teaching, will provide students with the academic, creative and technical knowledge and skills to support their ambitions.
    2. Students will aspire to, and be supported in, achieving high academic standards.
    3. Through personal development opportunities our students will develop personal attributes such as kindness, integrity, resilience, respect, courage and self-discipline.
    4. Commitment to the school community by students, staff and parents, will be visible in everyday behaviours.
    Ambition We aim to be the best we can be.  We will support each individual to aspire to academic success because it opens opportunities for the future.  Alongside this we will seek out, and encourage, pupils to take opportunities to develop their understanding of themselves so that they can take their place in their diverse, changing and interconnected world with confidence.

    Responsibility The giving and receiving of education is a precious gift.  We therefore commit to high standards of teaching and to encourage pupils to take responsibility for their learning and attendance.  We expect students to be self-disciplined and display high standards of uniform and responsible behaviour.

    Kindness This value underpins all our actions and beliefs in ensuring that all students can learn and flourish, confident that they can grow to understand themselves and respect one another, without prejudice.

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