Sixth Form Admissions and Prospectus

The choice of Secondary School and the next phase of education is an important one. We are delighted that you are considering our school.

Carterton Community College is an oversubscribed community based school. We are inclusive and expect our students and parents to have high standards and high expectations. We are committed to building and guiding students' characher and we aim to model this in our own behaviours.

If you live in Carterton, Bampton, Alvescot, Brize Norton, Langford and other local villages you will be in the designated area for our school and if you don't live within safe walking distance you will be eligible for free transport to us too.


Our Prospectus

Welcome to Carterton Community College. 

Our school is founded on strong values and the determination to offer our youngsters the best possible education in a safe and healthy environment.

We believe in the potential of every child. 

We recognise our responsibility to ensure that they achieve academically, and are nurtured and cared for throughout their time at school. Alongside excellent examination results, we aim to create responsible citizens with a lifelong love of learning who can make a positive contribution to our community. Our ambition is that the College will be a great place to work and study, to grow and develop personally, and to be enriched by opportunities in school and with our partners in local businesses and the community. 

Mr Chris Hart - Headteacher

Visit Us

We are always happy to happy to welcome visitors to our school. We hold 3 events during the year:

We appreciate that not everyone can visit on those days and we work closely with parents and our Armed Forces community to arrange tours during the school day. This is a great opportunity to see the school in action and get a good feel for school life.

Free Transport

If you live in our Designated Area and you are over the safe walking distance you will be eligible for free transport provided by Oxfordshire County Council. You are elibible for free transport only to your closest school.

For more information please contact Oxfordshire County Council Home to School Transport Team on 01865 323500

A map depicting an estimation of the area qualifing for free transport to Carterton Community College

Joining In Year 7 or Moving to Our School

Like most schools in Oxfordshire, our admissions are handled through Oxfordshire County Council. As we are oversubscribed our admissions follow the criteria set out in our admissions policy. You can find out more about applying for a place in Seconary School on the Oxfordshire County Council Website.

If you are from the Armed Forces Community please contact our Service Pupil Team for help and assistance in moving schools.

If you are from the Armed Forces Community please contact our Service Pupil Team for help and assistance in moving schools.

Transition from Year 6

We will visit all local Primary Feeder Schools in June to meet students in Year 6 who have been allocated a place with us. Your family will also receive a Transition Activity Pack containing all the information you and your child should need. Our local Primary Schools also have the opportunity to visit us for school tours. Many Year 6 children from Carterton and surrouding villages will have already made several visits with their school for sports and  STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) events as well as transition themed visits.

We also spend time talking to Year 6 teachers to ensure that we are able to best place your child in the appropriate Tutor and subject groups to enable them to have the best start possible in their new school.

For more information about moving to our school please contact Mr. Winter, Deputy Headteacher using the Contact Us page.

Resources to help transition from Year 6 to Year 7

We understand that the move from Primary School to Secondary School can seem like a major step in your child's life. To some children it is an exiting time and they look forward to the next phase of their education and the experiences they will have with old and new freinds. However, to some, it can be a bit daunting and can lead to hesitations and worries.

Links to helpful resources are on the right, and don't forget that we are always here to support you and your child. Please do get in touch.