Our intent is to plan and teach an inspiring and memorable science curriculum that inducts students into “powerful knowledge”: the knowledge and skills that allow access to humanity’s most rewarding endeavours. We seek to implement this by delivering great lessons informed by cognitive science: great explanations, core knowledge and hinterland illustrations, frequent low-stakes tests and dual coding, as well as explicitly teaching students how to revise independently, and providing them with the resources and accountability to engage in regular and effective revision as home learning.

Science Aims

The purpose of our science curriculum is to:

Science Overview

Key Stage 3

Students in key stage 3 science study a range of topics covering Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students begin year 7 by studying topics that introduce them to key concepts in each area of science, which they then revisit throughout all key stages, enabling them to build and strengthen schemas based on prior knowledge and create links within topics and between topics. Science topics in each year of study are sequenced in a way that allows each new topic to use the knowledge previously taught in other topics and/or Key Stage, to be applied in new contexts and to new concepts. Students are also taught a range of practical skills throughout each topic, which build in complexity as students move through each Key Stage.

Key Stage 4

The curriculum at Key Stage 4 continues to build on the knowledge and skills students have gained throughout their Key stage 3 learning. The science curriculum is spiralled so that topics are covered again in greater depth and complexity, making synoptic links with more opportunity to apply concepts to new areas and scientific ideas. 

AQA GCSE Combined Science

AQA GCSE Separate Sciences, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

At Key Stage 4 all students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics specific topics on all routes at GCSE. Students following the separate science GCSE route will cover additional extension content in each topic.

Download our full Science Curriculum guide including subjects and topics by year and term