The Transition from Year 6

Carterton Community College works with schools throughout Carterton and the wider area. Of course, pupils attending the primary schools within our designated area can be guaranteed of a place in Yr 7 however, we also work with all local schools to ensure that pupils and their parents have a free choice to attend CCC.

Our Open Evening in September and subsequent Open Mornings gave prospective parents and students an opportunity to visit the school to meet with our staff, school ambassadors and to get a feel for school life at Carterton Community College.

Mr Winter, Deputy Headteacher will start his visits to all Primary Feeder Schools, to meet the Yr6 students in their setting in June 2024.  A Transition Activity Pack will be given to each family when Mr Winter visits the Primary Schools, containing all the information parents and students should need. The Primary Schools will also have the opportunity to visit Carterton Community College for individual school tours.

Induction days are held in July for those Yr6 students who will be joining Carterton Community College in September.

Information about pupils is gathered to help place them in appropriate tutor groups and for English, Maths and Science faculties to assign them into appropriate teaching groups.

There will be opportunities for vulnerable students to visit at other periods alongside the transition days to aid the transition process. Please contact Mr Winter, Deputy Headteacher for details.

Yr7 and Yr12 students will start the new school year before the rest of the school returns.  This will allow students to get their bearings and start to get used to the structure of the school day before the whole school return.  By the start of the new school year students will have met their tutor group and will know where to gather at the start of their first day. Their tutor will meet them and supply them with a planner, a timetable, a map and a lot of good advice. Mentors, are assigned to help new pupils settle in and to give them support during their first year.

An opportunity is given in the first term, usually October, for parents to come and talk with their child’s tutor and see how students have settled in so far.

We welcome visits from all prospective parents at any time throughout the academic year. Please contact us and arrange a visit.

Please find below link to a useful website Anna Freud, National Centre for Children and Families – Supporting children’s transition to Secondary School.